Services: Design

We provide website design services specifically to help businesses and organizations develop a successful site on the Internet. Depending on how you define "success," we can create a dynamic website to sell, promote, inform, and/or offer product distribution or support services for your organization. We work with both first time clients and webmasters looking to expand their existing site.

Your home page will be the primary entry point for a company or individual on the Internet. The quality and user-friendliness of this page is very important to its success. At Tower Digital, we work hard to ensure that your home page puts your organization's "best foot forward."

As a full service website development company, partnering with Lundborg Associates, we offer the following in-house services:

  • Research and marketing strategy
  • Storyboard development
  • Design of custom graphics
  • Image digitizing and manipulation
  • Conversion of existing graphics to web compatible formats
  • Custom scripts (software)

Besides eye-catching graphics, we can also give your page interactive capabilities. If your company is interested in putting a product catalog on the Internet with the ability to make secure online transactions, we welcome the opportunity to show you are capabilities.

If your site requires translation into a language other than English, we can provide language translation services for you. Through a strong associate network, we can translate your website's content into virtually any language!

When we create your website, we take advantage of the latest features in HTML programming to ensure maximum compatibility with the numerous browsers available today. If needed, we can employ a special "Net Cloak" which asks the browser what type it is, and then provides the proper path for that client.

Your site will be quick and easy to access at all times because Tower Digital's servers are connected to a high speed T1 line. This T1 line is only 3 "hops" away from Minnesota's "T3" backbone.

We also offer Domain Name Registration for your convenience. This service provides a unique URL address for your Internet presence.

Once you develop a website, it is essential that you advertise, or promote your site. At Tower Digital, we provide website promotion services through the use of "subsites" (see We will submit your site address (URL) to the major online Internet directories. In addition, we can work with you to determine the appropriate speciality directories that may be appropriate for your site.

Finally, we will work with you to determine an appropriate and economical solution to meet your site maintenance needs. Whether you need the training to do site maintenance in-house, or prefer to set up a manageable update schedule with us, we can show you how to keep the information on your site current and complete, and the design up-to-date.

HTML Optimization

We offer a special service for those who have some site creation completed by using their own design using a software compiler. While many times the site that is created looks complete from a design standpoint, there may be technical problems with the source HTML that actually limits the number of browsers that will be able to view the site as intended by the designer.

At Tower Digital, we can "optimize" the HTML to make sites more friendly with all browsers, or create a virtual site that will be optimized for each browser viewing the site.

Tower Digital's optimization service is especially useful for advertising or marketing companies who want to maximize their productivity by concentrating on the design aspects of a website and prefer to outsource the complexities of HTML to the experts at Tower Digital. As you can see, by partnering with Lundborg Associates (and, we offer the full range of options available for publishing on the Internet.

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