Services: Hosting

At Tower Digital, we only partner with those who commit resources everyday to stay on the leading edge of Internet technology. Our goal is to provide unbeatable service and garner the best tools available to keep our webmasters competitive.

The "server farm" and software library assembled by our team is one of the largest and most diversified on the Internet today. In addition to the many "off the shelf" interactive extras available today, our team has the ability to create custom solutions for any interactive need. Dynamic data exchange can take place in real-time on the Internet, and our team has developed many custom scripts and applied existing software solutions to all of the serving platforms.

Serving ability moves beyond the standard HTML that most providers are limited to. Audio, Video, 3D animations, Internet Chat, Standard and IP Faxing, to name a few, are becoming easier to implement with today's Internet speeds and we have the servers dedicated to provide these services.

We also understand the needs of the web developer, many times we too became frustrated with our ISP because we couldn't get the access we needed to test and create the scripts we needed to build. Here at Tower Digital not only do we have non-critical servers for testing but we have also developed secure systems to provide the tools and special access for our clients.

From the beginning, our focus has been on HTTP technology and providing cost effective solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves in truly understanding the fundamentals of the Internet (see connectivity page). This affords us the ability to utilize "the best tool for the job" philosophy.

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